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Jan 16, 2018
books. They’re incredibly powerful, and so many people underestimate the knowledge they hold. my parents split and i needed to escape reality. my head is always in a whirl, school has me stressed, and im always over thinking. so I read. I need to. I want to feel the emotions of the characters in the book, i’d rather feel their pain or their joy, or whatever it may be any day over mine. I become so passionate when I read, where I get so invested in a book where it’d be day and I look into a window what feels like 5mins later and it’s nightime. some people cry, ”save me superman”, I cry ”save me books”. When I couldn’t turn to my family nor friends, i’d turn to books. Living in Australia is great, but i’d love to live where my favourite book charaters are, be with them, turn my reality in theirs because when I had no one, they were there.
My escape from reality content media


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