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Camila Duarte
Jan 05, 2018
I always felt different, different from my family, my friends, even my classmates. I just felt like I didn’t completely fit in. I always liked reading, ever since my school tought me, I feel in love with literature. But when I started getting older, I realised that I started missing out on many activities because I didn’t like going to parties or just going out in general, I always preffered a good book and just sitting at home. Last year, it started getting even more intense, I’m 16, so I just stared not going to parties, or not drinking and I thought that I was the normal one. Turns out I wasn’t. I was the boring friend no guy liked, that just didn’t like to go to parties and was just boring really. The moment I realised that, was when it all started going downfall. I just started isolating myself even more than I already was, I just felt alone. That’s when I found my only confort in books and music. I could get lost in a world where I felt like I belonged, that I was actually accepted. I’m not sure if I’d still be here if it weren’t for books and music. So yes, that is my story, a little sad, but I found the love and happiness that I needed in a world of wizards, shadowhunters, demigods, and even historical characters. I just want to say thank you, and for you reading this, if you are going though a bad patch, there will always be something or someone to hold on to. Just keep fighting...
This pages are what helped me when no one could  content media
Camila Duarte
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