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Apr 18, 2018
Four years ago, my oldest grandson, Sage, asked me to write a book for him as a Christmas gift. While at first I was floored by such an unusual request, made the Friday before Thanksgiving, I was so touched by his faith in me that I began writing like a demon the next morning. With no real clue about where the story was going, I pounded out words, let my imagination flow, and put Sage, the hero of the story, into enough daring situations that he couldn't help but become a true hero by the end. With the help of my wife (editor in chief), we bound the 28K word story into a small book and wrapped it in time for him to open. The sheer joy on his face was well worth all the early mornings, late nights, and long writing weekends. Since that time, the Sage Alexander character has blossomed into a seven book series. Sage Alexander and the Hall of Nightmares was released in April of 2017, and Sage Alexander and the Blood of Seth released this month. Each book features a different grandchild of mine. The thought that each of them will have their "own" story in this series is the reason I write.
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