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Dec 26, 2018
I remember the day I became a reader; the day I discovered how books could save my life and make me feel complete. I was at school and a friend of mine was reading The Fault in Our Stars. I have the fresh memory of reading the back cover and instantly, opening the book and diving into the story. In that precise moment, my world changed; I immersed myself into a story that was not mine but still felt like it belonged to me. For the first time, I fell in love for an inexistent person and cried alongside another one. I instantaneously forgot the people, problems and responsibilities that surrounded me, and turned an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. I finished the book during school time, and when I arrived home, I asked my parents to drive me to the nearest bookshop so that I could by the next book; and then the next, and the next, and the next… Years have passed since, and I’m so grateful for that book that altered my days and welcomed me to a bookworm lifestyle. Books became a vital part of me: the characters, the fantastic worlds, the overwhelming endings. I still cry, laugh, and feel absolutely alive whilst reading. My parents constantly say they are afraid I will become a misfit if I keep on submerging myself so much in a fictional life that is not mine, that I will eventually forget everything about what is real; what makes me human. Well, I will never disappear from the real world; nevertheless, while I’m holding a book and I need to travel far, far away from my mundane concerns, I know I can do it. Books have NOT taken me away from society –they are just sudden lifesavers– but on the contrary… written words have approached me to a better understanding of the world: I’ve learned to be brave, to love and to feel empathy. I am not rejected by my community, I feel loved by real people, friends, family; however, whenever I just need to escape for a little while from this awful world, I know books have magnificent things prepared for me as well. I’ve always been an extremely shy person, and the pages have saved me… they’ve taught me it is alright to feel scared once in a while, and that I can overcome fear and become courageous and capable. I am NOT a wallflower because I hate my life or because I feel other’s hatred; I AM a wallflower because I choose to; because written words, silence and solitude, comfort me. I am not alone: not in the real world; least in the company of so many magical characters who I carry both in my mind and heart. I became a misfit by accident… it all started on one ordinary day that became extraordinary after grabbing a book. I can proudly say I DO love being a misfit, I love being a triangle in a world of circles and I absolutely adore the way words make me feel. I’ve being saved by the page, how about you?
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