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Aug 10, 2018
There was one person who really cared about my education and she is how I started reading books. She was so happy to see me read and tell her what each book was about from then it helped me cope with my own insecurities and my own thoughts. I was suicidal for a girl as young as 11 being suicidal at that age some one so young but with a past longer than a book. I stole pills from my mom, I drank when no one was looking everything I did to make it stop. No one pays attention until you do something to get attention then you get the end of it. I became lost in the words, the tones, the surroundings portrayed by the books it was seeing it through my own view seeing how their words come to life. Whether a character felt like they’re lost or lost someone I related to it, I was able to relate to characters because in a way I was them. When a character grows and finds them self’s I saw myself a girl who is 11 years old and having to grow up so fast and learn that the world isn’t as bright as it should be.  Reading about sexual assault and rape in a way it’s a trigger but also a way of seeing how they can put into words that an actual person can’t that I can’t put into words, but now I can, I can see how it is to move on and not let the past be the way of my present and future. 


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