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eenie meenie miney moe, I cannot write bios to save my life. they always end up sounding like I’m creating a dating profile. *hisses* But, I’ll try my best.

I’ll start with my new obsessions.

Porgs, I mean how could you not. they are so adorable. Pictured above is my Porg coin purse I bought from Hot Topic!

and my other recent obsession is Wonder Woman. I mean, once again, how can you not love her. Since, she fights for those who cannot fight for themselves and is badass.

obsessions. ✔️

now lets move onto my favorites. stick around, this will be a pretty extensive list.

  • favorite food- pepperoni pizza, lasagna, chicken fingers & fries and... just kidding, I really don’t have a favorite. I am a foodie. wait. maybe just saying food, in general, is my favorite food.

  • favorite color- lighter blues and greens towards the more sage side.

  • favorite candle- pink champagne from JewelScent

  • favorite Tv Show- to begin, I watch way too much Tv. Chances are if you name the show, I watch it. With that being said, I need to instead pick the show my heart has the most loyalty to and that is... the 100 on the CW.

  • favorite authors- see what I did there. I made this one plural. Haha. but, my favorite authors include: Victoria Aveyard, Leigh Bardugo, Alexandra Bracken, Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas, Kass Morgan, and Sabaa Tahir to name a few...

  • favorite book genre- you guessed it, young adult.

  • favorite artists- mhm, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Carrie Underwood, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Kesha, Halsey, and countless others.

  • favorite movie- easily Wonder Woman and close second, one of the Pitch Perfects (I cannot pick) considering I can watch them over and over again.

I’ll come back and expand upon my list above once I can think of more favorite categories, I completely blanked. whoops.

and finally, why not include some of the things I collect.

  • books- around 65, give or take.

  • my movie ticket stubs from the past couole years. I keep them as a token I went to see the movie. it’s a little, tiny memory token.

  • funko pops- 6 all together. 2 wonder woman and Lexa, Clark, Bellamy and Octavia from the 100.

  • tote bags! I started getting them last year. since, it is more eco-friendly and it will stop my houses big plastic bag from getting filled with even more little ones. I have 7 in total, I think.

It’s not a ton of collections but they make me happy. and happiness is all that matters.

all the above things make me, me which is a weirdo. but that’s okay, I accept my weirdness in full and plan on forming the Justice League for all those who are one of a kind. Together we are unique but united, we are the Peculiar League.


my social media handles are below. if you want to talk, message me!

Twitter & Instagram: @BryantDailey

Snapchat: @ScoobyDailey

Bryant Dailey

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