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What is Saved by the Page?


Let's face it. Books can save lives. Those tiny words printed across hundreds of pages can inspire, give us courage, and the strength to continue. Saved by the Page was created as a platform for people around the globe to share their stories. We've all been saved by a book we loved. This is our chance to tell the world

about our own epic adventure!

How can I share my story?

Hop on to our forum by clicking here, and click on Sign Up. After you become a Saved by the Page member, you can share your story! You can also post a video on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using #SavedbythePage and see it featured in our video gallery.

What happens after I share

my story?

Your story will be immediately published in our website.

How can I be a part of the

published anthology?

Once your story is published in our website or in any social media platform using #SavedbythePage, it guarantees consideration for publication

in any edition of the anthology.

Should it be picked, you'll receive an agreement via email.


Do I have to use my full name to share my story?

No, you don't. It's your decision whether or not you'd like to share your real identity with readers. We realize that some stories are too personal and understand each person's privacy. Should one of these be picked for publication, we'll ensure the author's anonymity

What happens to the

profit made from the anthology?

At the moment, all costs for edits, marketing, events, design, printing, and publication are being covered

by J.D. Netto. Saved by the Page doesn't currently have any major publishing house behind its publication. 

Profit made from the anthology will be reinvested in the movement to cover costs mentioned above. 

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