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Feb 26, 2018
When i was eleven i got very sick. It was September, the beginning of the school year. No one knew what was happening or why. I was scared. Doctors said that i wasn't really sick. That i was faking it. But i wasn't. I never was. I finally got to a doctor who didn’t think that i was faking and knew what was wrong. But it wasn't good. After testing and treatments i was able to go see a movie with my friend. She told me that this movie was based of books. Well i didn't really like reading back when i was eleven or before then. But i wanted to be normal and go out with my friend before i left to go to Filly for treatment. But what was about to happen that night would forever change my life as i knew it. I fell in love with the movie and then asked my friend thousands of questions about the books and who it was by and the whole lot. The next day i went and bought my very first book that i actually wanted. It was called City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Ever since then i would read two books a day at the least. Before tests and treatments and after. While i would recover i would read. Now five years later i have three large bookcases filled with books and love going to Barnes and Noble to see what they might have. I love books b/c they have always helped me escape from the real world. From my pain, depression, anxiety, and just being sick. Books saved my life. If i didn’t get into books i would have probably turned to drugs or something worse to help me escape and get through what i was going through. After everything i've been through with this illness, Gastroparesis, P.O.T.S, Visceral Hyperalgesia, it's so nice to be able to escape into the book and live through those characters b/c i wasn't living. It was from doctor to doctor, treatment to treatment. So the fact that i had some sense of life helped me more then ever. So that is my story of how i got into reading.
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