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Jan 07, 2018
since i can remember, books have been a major part of my life. whenever i could, i always had my nose stuck in one. i started reading chapter novels when i was nine, like harry potter and those big ones. they had always been an escape for me. whenever i needed some alone time they were there, like my most loyal friends. aboit three/ four years ago, my fanily moved from the united states to mexico. the change for me was hard, especially learning to master the new language. but, nevertheless, i still had my books. whenever i missed my friends or i just needed an escape from everything, they were there. then, i kind of went into a book slump. i didnt read for 8 months. those eight months were the hardest for me, but once i discovered reading again, it was as if a weight was lifted off if my shoulders. recently, my parents have been kind of harsh, not enough to consider it abuse, but the line between both is very faint. books have helped me in so many ways, whenever my parents go into one of their moods, my books sit in my bookshelves, a silent reassurance that everything will be fine. to say that books have completely impacted my life would be an understatement. i have so mich gratitude towards the authors that dedicate their time towards writing such masterpieces, i dont think i could ever express it. books, no matter in which point of my life, have helped me become the person i am today, and i couldnt be happier.
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