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Nicole Bohr
Jan 15, 2018
Every book that I read I make sure to thank my aunt. Why? Without her I probably wouldn't be living life. You see 10 years ago I was fighting to survive. I was 21 at the time losing 40+ pounds in less than seven months (without trying), pain riddling throughout my body (doctors could not find a cause...yet) and depression started to set in. Thoughts started to creep in that maybe I was going mental. Was my pain all inside my head? Was I imaging it? Thankfully I found a doctor who would listen and treated me for a tumor in my ascending colon. After a few complications and being stuck in the hospital, I received a "get-well" package from my aunt. Inside the box were the first two novels of Janet Evanovich's "Stephanie Plum" series and some toys. My first initial thought of seeing those books was not positive. I knew my aunt was a reader, but me? HA! But since I had nothing to do I said, "why not?" These were just books and who knows, maybe I'll enjoy them? Well not only did I enjoy them, I fell in love. When my family and friends had heard that I enjoyed reading these novels, everyone pitched in to buy the rest of the series. I would be forever grateful. These novels helped me escape my current situation. I would stay up late at night giggling in my room; my nurses telling me to get rest because it's three in the morning. But how can I sleep when I can't put this book down? Umm hello Ranger! The book that helped me escape reality and filled me with joy and laughter? 10 years ago I finished my first novel that wasn't a school assignment. 10 years ago, with the help of my aunt, I fell in love with reading. Since then, my aunt has introduced me to a couple of Minnesota authors (John Sandford, Julie Kramer) and of course these authors did not disappoint. "One For the Money" will always be my treasured item and I am eternally grateful for my aunt. Thank you aunt Shari!
Nicole Bohr
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