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Colton White
Feb 19, 2018
Growing up, i had what most people would call now a pretty normal childhood in standards. I was mainly raised by my mom. She had husband. None that would last until i was already an adult. at that point it was more apart of her being happy. As for me. two brothers. Me being stuck as the middle child i watch over my younger brother who was more or less my best friend when we were young. We moved around a lot growing up. eight schools in all 12 years. I was a bit more reserved making friends, since i felt i was going to lose them all at some point anyways. As well as a slight learning disadvantage. It didn't help being taught from different people telling me i was doing it wrong over and over, having to relearn how to write essays. So English class was never my favorite. It wasn't until i finally made it to me second to last school someone cared enough to help me with this. A school who's testing was always well above average. top 5 of school in a 100 school area. They ended up having a meeting with my mom, telling her that i need to read more. so she made it a house rule that everyone needs to read and hour before bed. at first, it was ok until i got a hold of Harry Potter my freshmen year. One hour turned to two, then it turned into, "ok turn off your light, you need to go to bed." That was the start of my true love for books. I started doing better in school again, even writing little short stories and poems that friends of mine enjoyed and even wanted permission to barrow some of my poems to write songs. (truly a great moment when anyone says that your work has inspired even a song.) I started getting into film, story board writing with friends. It was all just little things until finally moving off to L.A. area. that's when i finally read City of Bones - By Cassandra Clair. That's when even my inspiration grew. "I wanted to write i book" I tell a friend. I of course had their support. Event today, 8 years down the road I'll go back to it. It never become what i ever dreamed of. It's only 8 chapters longer even now. Life happened and i stepped away. Family, jobs; life. I went back to writing short stories, a few here and there. ones i have hope for. but nothing new was ever posted like it was back in high school. I allow a few to read what i do here and there. There is so much more i wish i can say about books. how they allow those who are broken to heal, or how those who feel alone are given true friends they get to know. and even those wild at heart. it gives them a chance to have a real adventure. Books have given me so much in life. and can keep giving so many more people so much as well. There is a friend, a hero, an adventure, and even love just waiting for you at the simple turn of a page, that's what i discovered.

Colton White

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