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Feb 17, 2018
Through my childhood i was a happy girl, innocent of the cruelties of the world. However, it was only in my adolescence that they caught me up. I lived 7 years of deep despair, with my parents´ divorce, change of schools, experiencing a daily bullying and having zero friends. I had no reasons to get up of my bed. Then one day, during this period, I found out an escape, a way to run away of my reality: Books! Their stories, chracters and worlds helped me to endure my own world. They literally saved my life, inspiring me in so many ways, giving me other ways to see the world. I am eternally grateful for that and,as I always say,books are the best invention that humans could ever done. They gave me the chance to meet different realities and chracters, teaching me how to see the world in other perspectives, giving me examples and heroes that I will never forget. They are lifeguards which save people who are floating on the edge of the cliff by giving then a blowing of life, necessary to reestablish their wills to face the ups and downs of their own lifes.


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