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May 20, 2018
Reading the book series The Mortal Instruments allowed me to truly escape from my own demons. For awhile i was acting out and lashing out at everyone around me for no reason at all, but one day my English lent me her copy of "The City Of Bones" and i loved it so much, and while i was reading the book my teacher noticed a change in me and i became more happy and less angry and sad. for a long time i battled with depression but the only relief was reading those books written by they amazing Cassandra Clare even if i read one chapter out of those books i was happy because for the whole day i would be brainstorming what happens to the characters and all these crazy theories. when my mom noticed a change in my behavior she asked me what caused it and i told her " Because mom I've been reading this amazing book and i cant put it down or stop thinking what will happen next". for a long time i believed that books don't have that big of an impact on peoples lives but now having been through bad times i realize that i was super wrong because if my teacher hadn't have given me my first copy of The Mortal Instruments i would not be sitting here today writing this for you all, I was really saved by those pages in that amazing book which i still have and read every time i feel down on myself.


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