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Hello! My name's Hadley! This isn't gonna be pretty!

Um. . . how do you make a profile? derp

Ok, so I love drawing (crappy lit one above!) and reading (duh). I'm in ninth grade.

MY MOST FABULOUS PROJECT RIGHT NOW IS THE STORY I'M WRITING!!!! It's 217 pages so far, which honestly blows my mind because every other time I've written something I get to like twelve pages and give up. Yay, me! But really, this idea came out of nowhere, and no it's not the most original, but it's all mine and it's beautiful and I love it and I want others to read it one day. My dream is to be an author.

I'm a nerd (and proud of it) and a dog person. My favortie animal is a naked mole rat, which is impossible to incorporate in an urban fantasy story. Not that I've tried. . .

I love the color purple, but I don't have a least favorite color. Does anyone? My music style is indie pop stuff mainly, which I get judged for, but whatever. Ask me if I give a s***. I can't stand country or rap.

My favorite books are Twilight (JUDGE ME, I DON'T CARE), Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, anything by Jodi Picoult, and The Host. I'll reread anything.

My worst flaw is my stubborness, and my best quality is my ability to see the best in others, which can also be my worst quality. . . when I agree to date a d***. Good job Hadley! For the record, my best friend did warn me. She's a better person than I am honestly, and I love her for it.

So, yeah. That's me! :)


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