the Anthology

The first published Saved by the Page

anthology is a collaboration between 45 readers from around the world. 

These stories were shared on the website's forum and handpicked to be

a part of the project.


The book is riddled with tales of

how books saved lives in countless ways.

Do you remember the last time a

book changed your life?

Maybe you had just lost a loved one? Or an unexpected turn of events had left you overwhelmed? No matter the reason, the book you’re thinking about right now changed the course of your life in a way you can’t put into words.

But these people have.

Saved by the Page is an anthology written by readers for readers about the life-changing power of books and the impact they have on us. Profound, thought-provoking, personal, and heart-wrenching, these stories are giving a voice to people all around the world.

Get ready to flip through the pages of this whirlwind anthology as readers take you on their journey. 

They've all been saved by a page, and hopefully this one will save you too.

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